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3, Fall 1978) Special Issue devoted to Summary of facts. Lansing, Secretary & Controller of the Company, carefully explains that the manner in which the Company has lived up to its contracts with, and loans from the government, amounts to an act of altruism. Where to Look for and Hunt Buffalo, Antelope, Deer, and other Game; Trout Fishing, etc., etc. [Illustrated, Forth Volume, Third Annual Revise.] New York, Geo. S Forts and Camps, Lakes, Valleys, Springs, Railroads, Rivers, Creeks, Mountains, Valleys, and a List of Miscellaneous. The International Museum of Photography At George Eastman House, Rochester, and Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1977. : One Hundred Years of American Photography from the Collection of George R. Berkshire Museum and MIT Press, Cambridge Mass., 1989. V, Part II of Wheat's "Mapping the Trans-mississippi West" (pp 248-50). Stewart's original Senate report and the original and contrary "Views of the Minority Committee on the Pacific Railroad." Completed and projected railroads, main trunk lines are shown. The New Empire and Her Representative Men or The Pacific Coast, Its Farms, Mines, Vines, Wines, Orchards, and Interests; Its Productions, Industries and Commerce, with Interesting Biographies and Modes of Travel. While passing over the Union Pacific Railroad, Central Pacific Railroad of Cal., their Branches and Connections by Stage and Water, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The Index lists Stations on the Pacific RR, Cities and Towns, U. This map is given several pages of discussion in Vol. [Coloring] How to Work in Crayon, Make the Chromo-Photograph, Retouch Negatives and Instructions in Ceramic Painting. The fifth edition, considerably enlarged from the 1869 first ed.]. The fold-out maps include "Yellowstone National Park" - dated 1871(9 1/4" X 10 1/8"), "Crofutt's New Map of Salt Lake City, Utah" (9 3/8" X 12 1/4" showing The US Military Reservation - Camp Douglas to the East - The Map is dated 1871), and at the Back of the Guide is a large hand-colored map "Crofutt's New Map of the Trans-Continental, American & Trans-Continental, European, Route - Around The World", this Map is large (18 1/2" X 37" unfolded and is a Detailed Map of the World, with bright Hand-coloring in Pink, Pale Yellow and Green. In addition to showing all the stops along the route, these maps identify important geographic features, connecting railroads and stages and in a running commentary at the bottom of the maps describe the character of the area such as "desert", "valley", "canyon", "many fine valleys with rich grasses", "silver mines", etc.] Haymond, Creed. Practically a history of the overland railroad project." Cowan, p. Columbian, Hartford:, 1876.[A lively account of the author's travels through the west and on to the orient. Graff 4079, Cowan, 200 engravings.] Horan, James D.

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[USiana P-381; Herd 1803] New York, Harper & Brothers, 1872. Includes a description of a trip to Salt Lake in 1869. The trip included: New York to Salt Lake; California; Yosemite Valley; Japan; Hong Kong; China; Macao; Singapore; Penang; India; Himalayas; Cairo; Jerusalem and Holy Land; Damascus; Constantinople; Turkey; and Italy.] Rae, William Fraser. Prime also visited Yosemite Valley, Japan, China, India, the Himalayas, Cairo and the Holy Land. This is a Great Guide, with Engravings, and with three Fold-out MAPS, and several Full Page Maps. This is a Detailed Guide, and an interesting look at 1870's America. Map of the Pacific Railroads: This map is clearly a part of the history of the railroad expansions in this country. The Guide covers and gives a description of the Sites and Landmarks from "Ocean to Ocean".

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