Bait and switch dating

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My sociopathic ex-husband, James Montgomery, did his best to make me feel special, and because of his efforts, I was willing to give the man a chance, even though his physical appearance was not all that attractive to me. His attentiveness started with our initial email correspondence.

We met via the Internet, but he lived nearby I wasn’t worried about the pitfalls of a long-distance relationship.

When Montgomery followed through with this basic courtesy well, that scored some points.

So, in the beginning of our encounter I don’t want to call it a relationship he did everything a man who was trying to impress a woman would do. Sociopaths engage in three basic strategies, sequentially or simultaneously, depending on what they discern will work.

He wore a sport coat when he took me out to dinner. I interpreted these gestures as signs of his budding affection. They may actually test different strategies, and if one seems to be floundering, switch to another.

Many, many times, men said to me, “I’ll call you,” and then fell off the planet.Respondents were free to write anything they wanted, and their answers were analyzed for common threads.The five most prominent themes were: Made me feel special 27 percent The top response wasn’t a trait of the sociopaths it was how the targets reacted to all the attention they received.Sociopaths piled on affection and expressed their love, which made the survey respondents feel great.Energy 26 percent The sociopaths radiated a high-spirited energy, an exuberance, a magnetism.

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