Dan and emma dating

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At least I know I can meet Dan, no matter how small the chance.

Originally posted by daniels_baby_15 You people are idiots. so we can all see what you are talking about Originally posted by daniels_baby_15 Nobody said I hate the book! Hey, how bout we talk about you and your love life behind your back?

so naturally she is gonna try and get with the whole cast and crew and it probably will be poor Rupert next . she's been working on these movies for 4 years now.. but I never saw her hold hands with Tom, they were probably just friends...

Emma is just one of them girls who will go out with anyone she can. Originally posted by Raven Guardia Emma is just one of them girls who will go out with anyone she can. and without make-up Tom is very very disgusting (he has an awfull skin).. Originally posted by Raven Guardia Saber, calm down and get a grip.

I still don't understand why you idiots are in the damn thread if you don't like it so much. Would you go out with a 40-somethin man if you were only 15? Originally posted by Raven Guardia hmmm, now lets make a small comparison have got to be kidding with those comparisons ....

At least I have a chance of meeting Dan, you don't have a chance of meeting Harry Draco Ginny Ron Percy anybody in that f***in book because they don't exist. And if you hate the book so much, get your ass out of here! When you hear me say, "I hate the Harry Potter books! And if you hate the thread so much, why don't you get your f***in ass outta here! Originally posted by Dracos_girl_15 I recently saw some very interesting photos of Emmma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe at the POA premiere holding hands and dancing and touching. Originally posted by Night Crawler341 Obviously it must mean she is going out with all these people, Daeri, because if she can do that with Dan and be considered going out with him, then she is pretty much giving herself away to anyone, regardless of age limit.

Your acting like people are talking dirt about you.

and I agree with daniels_baby_15, Emma was supposedly going out with tom.....hey she is like a Brittney spears wanna-be so that makes her a wanna-be ****. I mean i sereiously doubt that you want people going around saying 'ohh yea she's going out with that one guy' ' wait wasn't she going out with the other one too? just cause they see u holding hands with someone... Originally posted by Slug Horn im agreein with saber what exaclty does this have to do with harry potter You can't say anything because you don't even now her. I'm not getting into love lives, so you an't be mad at me, but she does act preppy, you got to admit it. I dated brothers, and Im not preppy, I hold hands with everyone, if it's a boy or a girl.. I kiss everyone (not with tongues), and I don't freaking care..

Are you so stupid that you can't even tell when people are going out?

Would you go out with a 40-somethin man if you were only 15? Oh come on guys and gals so what if they are dating it would be ok, saying that I think they may be just good friends I mean it would make sense if they said come on wait till the movies are done, we dont want a messy break up spliting our fave actors and actress playing in HP, but it wouldnt bother us in the slightest, they couldve done it for a wind up its their profession to act lol but hey if they are good luck to them. tsk Originally posted by Night Crawler341 But its true. Just because they haven't kissed doesn't mean that there's nothing going on between them.

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