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They are single, funny young women who wake up at A. to meditate and 20 hours later fall asleep to the Food Network. Teresa Momber, 35 Putting on my weapon to go to work is the same as some people putting on high heels and lipstick.

By the time I grasp that we are under attack, the Diplomatic Security Service agent in charge of the secretary's detail has hurtled from the front of the limousine, over the seat. " The agent pushes me facedown against the leather upholstery.

Agents hustle me from the car: "Ma'am, grab on to my jacket! " They surround me, their ponytails swinging—Brittany, Natasha, Joann, Meghan—closing ranks to form a body bunker.

The women—part of Clinton's security detail—stepped into the line of fire. The number of women on the secretary of state's Protective Detail team has been increasing (there are currently 13—about a fifth of the force guarding Clinton), in part because three of the past four secretaries of state have been women.

When I was younger, I would exercise to fit into an outfit.

Now it's preparing for an emergency: What if the secretary has to be evacuated?

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