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Enma is the Japanese Buddhist version of what to begin with was the Hindu god Yama: god of the dead.The Hall of Enma that so impressed the locals in the 17th century has been updated in such a way as to equally impress those of the 21st.(More about Basho in Fukagawa) was also the place where drinking water was unloaded.The wells in the area being undrinkable, potable water had to be brought in by barge.The scene is dominated by an old wooden fire tower by the 'canal,' and comprises warehouses, stores, stalls, a tenement house - and even garbage and lavatories (no - not the real thing!) Besides the old settlement are some rooms with pictures of life from those times, but without any English commentary.To get there, look for the posts on either side of the street the museum is on (see photo).

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The flora of Kiyosumi Teien garden is at least as diverse as the fauna, and includes cherry trees, plum trees, black pines, hydrangeas, irises, azaleas, daphnes, camellias, and more.

Turn right up Kiyosumi-dori, cross the street and take the first left.

Walk alongside the wall of the park about 100 meters and the entrance is on your left.

The banks of the Sendai-bori canal that the bridge crosses are a treat in spring when the trees that line it are in full bloom.

Walking south down Kiyosumi-dori Avenue just after crossing Umibe-bashi Bridge, you will see on your left (i.e.

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