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This is not impossible because historically the Muslims have done that in the past.Right from the days of Imam Muhammad al- Baqir (a.s.) till the down-fall of the Mus­lim empire.Maybe, our fu­ture generations may explore the means and ways of establishing an Islamic uni­versity which our students can study the so-called 'non-religious' sciences not as anti-religious but as part of their 'reli­gious' outlook.At the moment, however, our efforts should be concentrated on bridging the gap between the and the scien­tists on the intellectual and mental lev­els.If the parents do not implement what is taught to the students at the Sunday schools, then there is the danger that the student might suffer from the double standard syndrome: behave as a Muslim in madrasah, masjid and majlis but. Secondly, a full time Islamic school would integrate the secular sciences with religious sciences — science will became not only a servant of man but also a means of serving Allah, .

In our Imams, we see the ex­ample of a single source for religious as well as secular sciences.

One of the criteria of releasing the POWs devised by the Prophet was that those who were literate among the pris­oners could go free if they teach ten Mus­lim children how to read and write.

Knowledge in Islam is normally di­vided into two broad categories: there is a famous saying " - knowledge is of two kinds: the knowledge concerning religions and the knowledge concerning [human and physical] bodies." What has been mentioned above on the importance of knowledge refers to both, the religious as well as the secular knowledge.

There are two solutions to these problems: a short-term and a long-term solution.

Send our children to the public or pri­vate school for secular education; and for their religious education, send them to the: Sunday schools and summer pro­grams.

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