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At a heavy metal concert, the crowd run from the Devil.

The Pope launches him like a missile from Vatican Square and he flies to New York.

The priest, now heavily pierced, waves goodbye to Satan.

The priest says "It is He who performs miracles," and the two giants part as friends, Robot Jesus flying into a disturbance in space, the Devil wading into the sea.

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Prevention Programs target populations at increased risk of HIV infection or transmission as well as those affected by stigma by offering specially-designed interventions that provide a supportive, educational environment in which harm reduction & empowerment can be effective. The Devil sees the lightning coming from Robot Jesus' penis () and restores his foreskin with a touch. Robot Jesus and the Devil fight, and the crowd, including the priest, applaud Jesus, but electricity from Jesus' penis () makes him kill some of the crowd and start to destroy New York.Berlin (Rhona Mitra) a failing graduate student, propositions him, saying she'll "do anything for the grade." He leads her on a little, then says, "The one thing you can do for the grade is - study." Later, at a party, Berlin, who has been expelled, accosts David: Berlin: "Has anyone ever told you that after you were circumcised they threw away the wrong part? If Berlin were British like the actress who plays her, she would not assume that Gale was circumcised.[This dialogue is slightly different in Wikiquote]Drama about Ariel Makaroff (Daniel Hendler), a young Jewish man in Argentina whose father left him and his mother to fight in Israel.

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