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What if I can't find my federal tax return, can I still file a claim?

Check box 10(a) and enter on Line 11(a) the total adjusted gross income of all the adult members of the New Hampshire Household, as if they were required to file.

What is Low & Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief?

Chapter 158, Session Laws of 2001, enacted the property tax relief to eligible low to moderate income claimants, who own a homestead in New Hampshire. Completed claims, Form DP-8, Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief shall be filed with the Department no sooner than May 1, and no later than June 30, following the due date of the final property tax bill for state education property taxes.

I sent in my claim and then received a blank Form DP-8 in the mail, did you reject my claim?

No, if your claim was rejected, you would have received a letter from us explaining why.

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