Speed dating teesside

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Placemaking in Sunderland, Teesside, Liverpool John Moores Universities: from helping turn venues around to finding common ground.

I am slightly doubtful of the chances of meeting anyone serious through it but thought it might be at least a fun experience that would get me out of my work only life Btw what sort of dress code do people wear to these speed dating events?

Can we really try out entirely new dances, when there’s less money for taking chances? How do we afford this stuff when the financial situation’s getting ever worser.

How do you keep creative students and the passion to collaborate when you’re busy folk with loads already on your plate? How relevant is a Northern context in which fewer students pursue creative careers? Never mind retaining talent, how did you identify it in the first place in communities or in schools?

A lively panel discussion chaired by Arts Council Director of Resilience Jane Tarr had keynote speakers responding to delegate’s questions and challenges, and eighteen workshops and discussion groups allowed participants to share experience and ideas on relevant topics and issues on the themes of research, sector skills and public engagement.

Alistair Hudson says it’s like a dancehall MIMA and Teesside University are already in a full on tango, how will other organisations pick partners outside a quango?

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