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Since then it's spread to five other Southern Californian counties.

It burrows its way into the trunks of palm trees and lays its eggs there.

is the name given to a disease that decays the interior of the palm, and which is spread by infected tools, diseased mulch on the ground and poor irrigation.

Browsing their public accounts is like peering through a mansion keyhole into a kind of life most of us know little about and will never lead.Internal damage - including a circular red ring seen on the cross-section of the palm once it is cut down - begins within two weeks; external damage such as dead leaves come two-to-three months later.It hasn't yet reached California but is expected to follow the palm weevil's arrival, as such parasites tend to do. An East Asian beetle, it was first found in LA County in 2012.For decades, the image of palm trees silhouetted against a smoggy orange sky has been an iconic image of Los Angeles.But those days may soon be over, as the city's most famous flora is now succumbing to disease and parasitic insects.

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