Who is alan jackson dating

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Dumped by Carol and Frankie, Alan becomes severely depressed and his attempts to reconcile with his wife are constantly rejected.

Things alter after Carol's son, Robbie, is beaten up by Ted Hills (Brian Croucher).

Carol's father Jim Branning (John Bardon) and her brother, Derek (Terence Beesley) are opposed to their interracial relationship, constantly trying to provoke Alan into violence.

Despite Carol's family's prejudices, Alan and Carol decide to marry, taking April's slot at the church after she is jilted.

David intervenes and beats up Derek, making Alan and Carol grateful.He is kidnapped in order to prevent him testifying in court, leaving Alan and Carol frantic with worry.Billie is returned safely but the Jackson family (bar Bianca and Robbie) are placed in a witness protection programme and leave Walford for their safety.They were later joined by Alan's grandmother Blossom (Mona Hammond).When Alan arrives in Walford with his family, he is unemployed and although he does odd jobs for his neighbours, his inability to bring in a regular wage causes conflict between him and Carol.

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