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There is a glimmer of hope for fans, as the park has said that plans for future giraffe baby updates will be announced next week.8.30am BST: Animal Adventure Park has shared an adorable picture of April and her calf sharing breakfast.“Baby has quite the personality,” the Park said, and revealed that the top 10 names in its voting contest are (in no particular order): Unity, Patches, Apollo, Patch, Peter, Harpur, Geoffrey, Noah, Ollie and Allysa’s choice – Allysa being April’s lead keeper.6.10pm BST: April is slowly pacing around her pen with Oliver right next to her in his enclosure.

The live stream has broken You Tube records, becoming the second most watched ever.Erin became famous in March when she shared a video of herself doing a spot-on giraffe impression.The clip showed the expecting mother pacing around while wearing a giraffe mask.The young baby is nowhere to be seen, likely hiding away in a corner away from the camera’s sights.One of April’s followers just tweeted: “In a world divided by religion, politics, & nonsense, we all come together now..watch a newborn giraffe try to stand.”5.45pm BST: April and her calf are looking great and the zoo is happy to announce April leg is finally fine again.

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